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Fantastic Zone Leather Suit of Shackles to Compel Stretch Legs SM Binding Bondage Under the Bed Bondage Restraints

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Manufacturer Fantastic Zone
Brand Fantastic Zone
Color Black Leather one
UPC 888916483502
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29 Jul 2017

Penis Health: Exercises to Do with a Partner

Men's health in general is important; even more so the health and well-being of his favorite tool. And just as exercises are a crucial ingredient in maintaining overall health, so are targeted exercises necessary to properly maintain penis health.

7 Jul 2017

Sexual Insecurities Men Have, and How to Address Them

Societal messages about men and sex are often unfair and inaccurate. What's more, they can be damaging. The portrayal of men as thoughtless sex drones denies a large portion of men's sexual realities, part of which includes insecurity.

11 Jul 2017

What Are Coital Headaches?

Although orgasm is usually an enjoyable and positive experience for most people, it can be painful for those who find that it triggers coital headaches. For these people, sexual activity can actually cause these coital headache attacks.

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    27 Jul 2017 Posted By Clinton W.

    Horny Goat Weed: Nature's Answer to Men's Sexual Health Problems

    Normally, men always have the energy to get under the covers and get intimate. But when busy lifestyle, disease, and age come in the way, men may fail to achieve the needed sexual energy to engage ina sexual activity or make one a satisfactory experience for him and his partner.

  • Blog Entry
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    30 Jul 2017 Posted By Wilbert G.

    How to Flirt With Women - 4 Ways to Tempt a Woman

    Most men know that they have to know how to flirt with women and do things that make a woman feel intrigued and attracted to them, but when it comes crunch time, most guys are not able to flirt with women as successfully as they would like to.

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    Manufacturer: Lux Fetish Brand: Lux Fetish Model: 2007664 Color: BLACK